You have a dark secret:
You don't test your Rails apps.

Testing is the last leg in your journey to Rails development greatness. With tests, you know you can build apps faster, confidently add new features without breaking old ones, and debug much more efficiently. You might even know how to test with all the great tools and frameworks out there. Your problem is that you just don't know what to test.


‘What Do I Test?’ will answer that very question so you can stop worrying about tests and start building better Rails applications.

Veteran developers will tell you this is how to test with TDD:

  1. Write a test that fails.
  2. Write fast, isolated code that isn't allowed out past 10pm.
  3. Watch that test pass.
  4. Refactor your code so it’s beautiful and brings all the boys to your yard.

Here's your problem: Step one. Write a test. There's a lot that goes on first step than meets the eye. If you've been struggling to understand testing in Rails, look no further, because in this book, you'll learn:

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Hi. I'm Eric.

I've been building things with Rails for three years, and trying to figure out how to test for almost as long. By day, I'm a Rails product consultant, and by night, well I guess I'm still a Rails product consultant, only it's darker outside. You should follow me @genericsteele.